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Diarists over the years, and a request for your comments (and critiques)

80 years

Starting Dec. 4, we’ll run an old column from each of the eight decades. Over the course of two weeks, Dec. 4-7 and Dec. 11-14, one column will be online at federaleye.

●We’d also like to hear from readers about their favorite Diary columns or otherwise memorable Diary moments. The last of our birthday columns will feature some of our best reader comments — including some constructive critiques.

●Over the years, the column has had many bylines. Here’s a list:

George D. Riley Nov. 29, 1932-Aug. 12, 1933

Morgan Baker Aug. 13, 1933-May 30, 1936

Betty Read June 1-Aug. 8, 1936

Samuel Lubell Aug. 9, 1936-Feb. 6, 1937

Scott Hart Feb. 7, 1937-April 1, 1939

By The Diarist (writer unnamed) April 3-Sept. 25, 1939

Alfred Friendly Oct. 3, 1939-March 8, 1940

Edward Ryan March 13-Oct. 27, 1940

Jerry Kluttz Dec. 10, 1940-Jan. 6, 1969

Willard Clopton Jr. and Mike Causey Jan. 8-Jan. 31, 1969

Willard Clopton Jr. (solo) Jan. 7, 1969, and Sept. 22, 1969

Mike Causey Dec. 1, 1963-May 8, 2000

Stephen Barr Dec. 22, 1999-June 13, 2008

Joe Davidson* Aug. 12, 2008-present

*Steve Vogel and Ed O’Keefe filled in as Diarists for several weeks in 2009, when Joe Davidson was on medical leave.

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