The 25 wealthiest and 25 least wealthy members of Congress

Here’s a look at the current members of Congress who had the highest and lowest estimated wealth in 2010, according to an analysis by the Center for Responsive Politics and The Washington Post based on personal financial disclosures filed by the lawmakers. In Sunday’s Washington Post, an in-depth look at how the 535 members of Congress handle their money.

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Rep. Allen West considers leaving Congressional Black Caucus after Carson remarks

The sole GOP member of the Congressional Black Caucus says he is considering leaving the group after reports of inflammatory remarks made by another member.

Afternoon Fix: Sarah Palin in, Christine O’Donnell for Iowa tea party rally

Sarah Palin is back on in Iowa and Christine O’Donnell has been disinvited (again), Allen West thinks Michele Bachmann made an “incredible faux pas,” and Jim DeMint has weighed in on Wisconsin.

Mitt the tortoise

The former Massachusetts governor has been slow and steady through four debates, while his flashier opponents have been more uneven.


Meet the Congressional Black Caucus

(Brendan Hoffman / Getty Images)

Founded in March 1971 by Shirley A. Chisholm, the Congressional Black Caucus continues to help “all Americans ... achieve the American dream.” Here are some of the members of the 112th Congress’s current caucus.

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The Herman Cain the GOP believes in

It’s not the tea party playing racial politics.

Jon Huntsman’s last, best shot


The former Utah governor will roll out a jobs plan on Wednesday as he seeks to build some momentum in the 2012 Republican presidential race.