Reaction to President Obama’s speech about the Islamic State

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Members of Congress offer their opinions.

Angus King wins Maine Senate race

Former Maine governor Angus King, an independent, won the open Maine Senate race on Tuesday, beating back an challenge from Republican Secretary of State Charlie Summers.

The Democrat is stuck on the ballot in Kansas. How much of the vote will he take?

A look at other marginalized (and withdrawn) major-party nominees.

Democrats’ (potential) Angus King problem

The independent Senate candidates is losing his big lead and getting pounded on the airwaves. The question is: Will Democrats jump in and save him?

Crossroads GPS hits Angus King with first ad in Maine Senate race

The conservative group is entering the air war in Maine for the first time, signaling that Republicans think GOp nominee Charlie Summers still has a shot at victory in the three-way race.


Chamber ad attacks independent Maine Senate candidate Angus King

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The U.S. Chamber of Commerce redoubles efforts to boost the GOP candidate in three-way race.