Why Ann Romney is right -- a Republican rebuttal

A rebuttal.

Ann Romney and Michelle Obama think pink


Both women wore pink.


Ann Romney: They’re trying to portray Mitt in a negative light

Ann Romney discusses with Jan Crawford some of the attacks against her husband by President Obama's campaign, the most common misconceptions about Mitt Romney, and the hope he has for America.

Ann Romney is publishing a cookbook

Have you been unable to stop thinking about Welsh cakes since the 2012 campaign? Well, you're in luck.

Romney: Ryan my best choice after Ann

Mitt Romney is delivering his closing argument in West Allis, Wisconsin. Advance excerpts of his speech are here.


Sitting down at Ann Romney’s ‘Family Table’

Chris Christie's and Ann Romney's speeches did not mix

Christie’s was like a rebuttal to Romney’s.

Ann Romney: Not a ‘storybook marriage’

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