President Obama is going to a fundraiser every five days this year

The number is sure to grow.


Ebola survivor: No time to waste as Obama ups aid

(Pablo Martinez Monsivais / Associated Press)

An American doctor who survived Ebola said there’s no time to waste as President Barack Obama outlined his plan to ramp up the U.S. response to the epidemic in West Africa.


Jindal: Obama hasn’t done enough to harness energy

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said Tuesday that President Barack Obama’s administration has become “science deniers,” failing to do enough to harness the nation’s energy potential.

Meet the new U.S. military force that Obama is deploying to fight Ebola

The 3,000 personnel are likely to include everything from doctors to truck drivers.

Ebola survivor Kent Brantly met with President Obama in the Oval Office

The image was intended to send a strong message: Brantly is completely free of the virus -- and Ebola survivors are safe.


Obama to visit Atlanta health center to discuss Ebola

President Obama will travel next week to Atlanta to address the Ebola crisis during a visit to the Centers for Disease Control.

Nevermind what Obama says: The Islamic State claims it’s facing a crusade

The extremist organization wants fellow Muslims to believe that the U.S. has launched a religious war.