Has President Obama bottomed out yet?

Approval polls show little but statistical noise, even as crises surround the White House.

Next Day’s News: Obama meets with Cen. American presidents, Comic-Con, more

Here’s a look at tomorrow’s top talkers from Washington Post reporters and columnists who know the topics best.

‘The slow deterioration of Barack Obama’

Remember that time before he was president -- and had no gray hair?


Obama supports Hawaii’s governor in radio ad

(Charles Dharapak, file / Associated Press)

Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie launched a radio ad Wednesday featuring President Barack Obama supporting the governor’s bid for re-election.

Obama administration sends military advisers to assess Mexican border needs

Obama administration to assess need for National Guard troops at border amid pressure from Republicans

Obama is AWOL and the world suffers

Obama’s dereliction leaves a leadership vacuum


President Obama brings back the 'hope and change'

Looks like President Obama is resurrecting some tried and true campaign rhetoric: Hope and change.