Filling seats: Ambassador, interior and defense

The Senate confirmed an ambassador nominee and two agency slots

Next day’s news: Shinseki and Carney resignations, gun control debate and more

A look at some of tomorrow’s top talkers from Washington Post reporters and columnists who know the topics best.


Grover Norquist: Obama campaign called Romney a ‘poopyhead’

Grover Norquist holds fast to his position of not raising taxes and suggests that the Obama campaign won Election 2012 by smearing Mitt Romney.

Hillary Clinton’s ‘awkward first date’ moment with Obama, and five other tidbits from her memoir

Clinton describes a 2008 secret meeting in her new book, CBS News reports.


Obama campaign seeks to grow grassroots network in North Carolina --Trail Mix: Sept. 3

The Washington Post’s Amy Gardner reports on the challenge that the Obama campaign faces in building a grassroots network that matches its efforts from 2008.

Obama campaign wins Webby award

The president's 2012 campaign won "breakout of the year."


Hillary Clinton’s pre-campaign campaign

(Saul Loeb / AP)

Hillary Clinton keeps walking that fine line heading toward 2016.


Obama campaign defends big spending during the summer

The Obama campaign says it's comfortable with the strategic decision it made to spend more heavily over the summer in battleground states.


Top Obama campaign fundraisers slotted for diplomatic posts

Envoys named for Germany, Spain and Denmark all were major players in financing reelection