Congress wants delay in selling of historic post offices until federal report is completed

Lawmakers insert language in a spending bill to stop sales until a federal probe is completed.


The promise of transpartisanship

(Win McNamee / Getty Images)

Politicians of all stripes are finding common ground in new ways.

Are we ready for a female president? Bachmann says no.

Although Rep. Michele Bachmann said it’s unlikely for Americans to elect a woman president, author Marianne Schnall found overwhelming support for the idea in researching her book.

Members of Congress urge Snyder to change Redskins name

Ten members of Congress recently sent Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder a letter, urging him to change the name of the team.

Congresswoman rips Bill O’Reilly over ‘race hustler’ allegation

Rep. Barbara Lee says the Fox host’s rhetoric “is disgusting and divisive.“

12 key voices in Congress for the Syria debate

These are the leaders -- or groups of people -- who will hold most influence over wavering lawmakers.


House panel advances D.C. bill with funding cuts, abortion rules

The bill also continues the ban on using locally raised money for abortions.

The ‘SNAP Challenge:’ The claim that food stamp recipients get by on $4.50 a day

FACT CHECKER | Lawmakers suggest food-stamp recipients must subsist on $4.50 a day. Is that right?

House panel approves District funding, continues abortion spending ban

The House bill includes additional money for city courts and the extension of a D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program.