Barney Frank (D-Mass.)

Rep. Barney Frank’s claim about a should-be Democratic House majority

FACT CHECKER | He said Dems would control the House if not for GOP redistricting. Is he correct?

Barney Frank sent to the congressional penalty box

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After accusing Republicans of stealing an idea, he’s ordered not to speak on the floor for the rest of the day.

Barney Frank needs a vacation (and what else is going on this week in Congress)

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The Massachusetts lawmakers says things are as bad as ever in Congress.

Barney Frank: Republicans want to ‘re-deregulate’ financial system

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The GOP is pushing bills that Democrats say will gut new Wall Street reform.

Frank, Steele dispute ends (for now) with a thank-you note

The former RNC chair thanks Frank for setting the record straight.


Rep. Barney Frank's career on Capitol Hill

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As his time in Congress winds down, the former chairman and current ranking member of the House Financial Services Committee has wed his partner, James Ready.

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Barney Frank’s quips: He might be retiring, but his rhetoric never was

The acid-tongued congressman leaves a legacy of quick -witted quotes.