The Switchboard: Democrats push to make the Internet a utility

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Bernie Sanders for president? It’s the longest of long shots, but that doesn’t mean he won’t do it.

Senator from Vermont has a reputation: Campaign finance reformer in chief.


Bernie Sanders has questions about Clinton

THE TAKE | The senator from Vermont could voice the left’s alternative agenda if Clinton seeks Democratic nomination.


Bill proposes ethics classes for Congress

(Jim Lo Scalzo / EPA)

A bipartisan bill proposes classes for lawmakers on how to behave.

Sanders’s bill allows for VA firing appeals

Senate VA committee draft bill allows the expedited firing of VA senior executives, but would allow them to appeal, unlike House legislation.

Are you Ready for (insert favorite politician name here)?

Ready for Hillary is well underway. Ready for Warren is heating up. What other PACs are working to convince pols to run for president?

Bernie Sanders says he’s ‘prepared to run for president’

The independent senator from Vermont stirs the 2016 pot.