One chart that shows Congress can actually get things done

Yes, it does occasionally happen.

Reid fears gridlock will upend border, veterans’ measures

The Senate leader once again blames Republicans for stalling measures to help the VA and deal with influx of child migrants.

Wonkbook: Two weeks before recess, Congress still has a few key policy battles

Two weeks before recess, Congress is as gridlocked as ever.

In the Hot Seat: Veterans affairs secretary nomination

Senate has several Obama officials to testify and two confirmation hearings this week as the clock ticks down to August recess.

Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer wants to end party primaries

Schumer’s remedy? Be like California.

Americans hate Congress. They will totally teach it a lesson by not voting.

Another big warning sign for Democratic turnout.

No, the House isn’t in play. Not even close.

Nancy Pelosi can say what she wants. Doesn’t make it true.


U.S. immigration crisis is hampered by a paralyzed Congress

(Jorge Cabrera / Reuters)

Instead of presenting solutions, lawmakers posture and preen.