Does Congress need clearer conflict of interest rules?

(Charles Dharapak / AP)

Rep. Tom Petri has been accused of violating House conflict of interest rules. Some think those rules need some clarification.

The Senate is worth winning

(Andrew Harrer / Bloomberg)

There’s a whole lot of evidence that it is a lot better to win than lose the Senate majority.


DC lawyer says Congress wants control of spending

Even though he personally supports giving the District of Columbia more power over its local budget, the city’s attorney general told a federal appeals court Friday that Congress has made clear that it wants to maintain control of the purse strings.

Filed today: New brief in Sissel v. HHS Origination Clause challenge

DC panel’s decision would gut the Origination Clause from the Constitution and should be vacated.

The GOP is promoting its female candidates in a new ad. Will they promote them within the party?

They will expand their ranks of women. But will women lead?