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Unusual candidate Micah Edmond carries torch for GOP in Va. congressional race

(Bill O'Leary / The Washington Post)

Micah Edmond, a black Republican who converted to Judaism, hopes to fill Rep. James Moran’s seat.


House and Senate will likely have new small business leaders next year. Who’s in line?


Meet the two most likely candidates to take over the House and Senate small business committees.


Both parties face a blue-collar imperative

(Luke Sharrett / Bloomberg)

Hopes of victory depend on support from working-class whites.


Current law restricts millions of Americans’ access to telehealth services

(Jeffrey MacMillan / Capital Business)

Current law makes it harder for the roughly 49 million Americans on Medicare to seek telehealth services.


Waiting on an appeal to Social Security for disability benefits? Get in a very long line.

(Kevin Cook / For The Washington Post)

In an obscure corner of the federal bureaucracy, one single office is 990,399 cases behind.


D.C. budget autonomy case is heard by skeptical appeals court panel

City’s spending freedom from Congress is at issue; two of three judges question proponents sharply.


Accusation that GOP cuts have stymied Ebola efforts doesn’t add up

A Web ad targets GOP budget cuts, but fingerprints of both parties are on the knives.


As midterm campaigns enter stretch run, Ebola and other twists set stage for drama

(Jim Mone / AP)

Ebola and a few other unexpected twists mean a lot is still up in the air. Atop the list: control of the Senate.

Loop Guidance for new Ebola czar Ron Klain

President Obama’s new Ebola “czar,” veteran Washington player Ron Klain, needs to do something fast.


Book review: ‘The Cynic: Political Education of Mitch McConnell,’ by Alec MacGillis

(Simon & Schuster / Simon & Schuster)

Alec MacGillis portrays Sen. Mitch McConnell’s hard-ball tactics and intense Republican partisanship.


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