Codels to Asia, anyone?

Two groups of House members are off to Asia during next week’s recess.


The barber of the Hill

(Melina Mara / The Washington Post)

Giuseppe “Joe” Quattrone has been cutting hair on Capitol Hill as a House barber since 1970.

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A jillion Watergates?


IN THE LOOP | When Republicans talk Benghazi, the history and the math get a tad hyperbolic.

Dennis Kucinich’s greatest hits (a Loop lament)

The Loop counts the ways in which we’ll miss the vegan ventriloquist from Ohio.

Kucinich, other House members file lawsuit against Obama on Libya military mission

Ten House members led by Rep. Dennis Kucinich are filing a complaint in federal court against President Obama for taking military action in Libya without congressional approval.


Attorney general, Republicans spar over ‘Fast and Furious’ at congressional hearing

Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. testifies on Capitol Hill for the sixth time about a controversial ATF gun operation.


For House Republicans, a game of debt charades

The House GOP plays debt charades.