Two groups of lawmakers are Asia-bound over the House break

The House is off next week, and that means, even in an election year, members will be required to travel in search of elusive facts.


Eight politicians who kept offspring secret

(POOL / Reuters)

Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is not the first politician to acknowledge he had kept hidden a child born out of wedlock.

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One super PAC takes aim at incumbents of any party


In two Ohio congressional primaries Tuesday, a Texas-based group spent almost $190,000 supporting a pair of candidates who could not be more different: a tea party conservative and a liberal icon, Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich. The Campaign for Primary Accountability has one qualification for the politicians it targets: incumbency.


Companies tracking college athletes’ Tweets, Facebook posts go after local universities

Companies that track athletes’ Twitter and Facebook accounts go after local universities.

Tea party challengers set their sights on House incumbents

Emboldened by a number of victories over incumbents in 2010, tea partiers are getting an early start in 2012.


Baghdad embassy for sale: An In the Loop contest


Al Kamen introduces In the Loop’s first contest of 2012: “Embassy for Sale.” Tell us what should be done with the sprawling new complex.

Breaking down the House and Senate funding votes

With no resolution on the horizon over keeping the government running and providing for additional disaster relief funding, here’s a look at the numbers.