Nebraska Election Results 2012: Fisher beats Kerrey for Senate seat; Terry tops Ewing in House race

November 7, 2012

Here is a summary of the election results in Nebraska: (View full map)


Mitt Romney won the state of Nebraska, outpolling Obama by a solid margin, according to the Associated Press. The state is not a winner-take-all, so the electoral votes can be divided. Based on the results, Romney won at least four of the state’s five electoral votes. The president won a single electoral vote in Nebraska in 2008.


Nebraska state Sen. Deb Fischer (R) defeated Democratic opponent and former U.S. Sen. Bob Kerrey to grab a Senate seat from Democrats. The GOP made a major effort to win the seat after Sen. Ben Nelson (D) announced he would retire. Fischer, who criticized her opponent for spending the past decade in New York City, held a dominant lead throughout most of the election. Kerrey, a decorated Vietnam War veteran and former Nebraska governor, lost by a wide margin despite picking up a late endorsement from former Republican senator Chuck Hagel.


In the 2nd District, Rep. Lee Terry (R) defeated Democratic challenger and fellow Omaha native John Ewing in a close race.

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