The president, always the last to know

(J. Scott Applewhite / ASSOCIATED PRESS)

That IRS thing? The White House employed its “Don’t tell Dad” policy.


Congressional ethics need stricter police

(Alex Wong / GETTY IMAGES)

Tighter rules could stop the members from being so self-serving.


Congress weighs home-loan limits

(Scott Olson / GETTY IMAGES)

Congress is expected to decide this week whether to extend federal guarantees for home loans up to $729,750.

Blue Dog Democrats a dying breed

Blue Dogs are retiring at a rapid clip, and even more of them will be vulnerable in 2012. Is this breed going extinct?

The fruitless inquisition of Jon Corzine

(Andrew Harrer / BLOOMBERG)

The former governor and head of MF Global failed to give any real answers about what his firm did with $1.2 billion in missing customer money.


Jim Costa (D-Calif.)

New California map leaves GOP on defense, if slightly less so

There’s some good news for the GOP in the final draft of the Citizens Redistricting Commission map, but the party will still have to fight to keep its 19 seats in the delegation.


The most boring junket ever

(Alessia Pierdomenico / BLOOMBERG)

Al Kamen hears that some congressional types are embarking on an all-business tour of Europe. This could be a first for In the Loop, which has seen many a codel in its time.