Gov. Deval Patrick on Boston Marathon bombing: ‘So much of what happened brought us together.’

(STAN HONDA / AFP/Getty Images)

Community response has shown how closely-connected members of the region are, governor says.

Wonkbook: The social and economic story behind the unrest in Ferguson

Behind the Ferguson protests, the social and economic context, shaped by race

Massachusetts set to tighten gun control measures

The legislature is racing to meet today’s deadline to pass new laws.

Obama: Deval Patrick would make a great president

(Josh Reynolds / AP)

The outgoing Massachusetts governor has said he won’t run in 2016, but he hasn’t ruled out potential future opportunities.

The Obama administration is no longer seeking temporary shelters for undocumented kids

Massachusetts says its offer of facilities was rejected, thanks to early signs of a slowdown at the border.


Mass. governor signs law limiting abortion clinic protests

National news: A water-main break inundates UCLA’s campus, and six Philadelphia officers face charges.