In its fourth season, ‘Homeland’ crowns Carrie Mathison ‘Drone Queen’

(Joe Alblas / SHOWTIME)

ACT FOUR | The fourth season of “Homeland” was supposed to be a reboot, but mostly it brings a new perspective to the same questions that have always animated it.

Did the Air Force waste $8.8 billion on drones?

(Senior Airman Jason Epley / U.S. Air Force)

Former defense secretary Panetta drones Obama Iraq policy in new book

Panetta, in a new memoir, recounts battling the White House over keeping some troops in Iraq.

The border patrol’s love affair with drones, in one map

The government logs 16 hours a day watching the border with drones.

Around the world, drones have changed the way we see protests

An aerial view of unrest.

The undoing of the Iraq and Syria revisionists

The facts about the Islamic State overwhelm President Obama and the right-wing isolationists.

Watch John Oliver go after President Obama on drones

John Oliver says drones will be as much a part of Obama’s legacy as Obamacare.


Obama: U.S. misjudged the rise of the Islamic State, ability of Iraqi army

(Win McNamee / Getty Images)

In a “60 Minutes” interview, the president also acknowledged that the U.S. overestimated Iraq’s ability to fight the militant group, which on Sunday pounded a strategic Syrian town with artillery shells.


White House plans to require federal agencies to provide details about drones

The Pentagon and key departments would be required to reveal details about their surveillance capabilities.

Legislators shouldn’t rush to enact laws on private drone use

Existing laws of general applicability offer protection. While the state laws passed so far might be well-intentioned, they are largely misguided. For now, Congress and the states should tread lightly so as not to stifle innovation and freedoms.