Why the fight over Eric Holder’s successor is going to be very ugly

A lot of it is going to be about race.


Attorney General Eric Holder to step down

(Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images)

The attorney general, who became an icon to liberals but a divisive figure to many conservatives, will step down once a successor is confirmed.

Eric Holder led George W. Bush’s Justice Department for 12 days — and closed a key investigation

As acting attorney general, Holder announced the end of the federal investigation into the Amadou Diallo shooting.

Eric Holder and a brief history of Cabinet tenures

How much turnover cabinet positions have seen since Reagan.


Eric Holder raises issue of D.C. voting rights a day after announcing resignation

(Evan Vucci / AP)

A day after announcing he would step down, the U.S. attorney general speaks on voting rights.

Obama tried to outsource his racial legacy. Here’s why Holder couldn’t save him.

Eric Holder is leaving, and he may be taking the president’s racial legacy with him.

Attorney General Eric Holder to step down

The president will announce the move Thursday.

With Eric Holder’s departure, it’s a stay-at-home Cabinet

The AG is known as one of the most social members of President Obama’s circle of top officials.

What will Eric Holder do next?

The attorney general’s post-White House years will matter to his legacy.