It took the Agriculture Department exactly 51 months to propose a change the industry says it's fine with.

One-third of those veterans are thought to be dead, but problems with the data makes it tough to know how many former troops were still struggling to get care.

Traffic congestion could cripple downtown Washington when Pope Francis is here starting Sept. 22



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The accumulation of misdeeds described by the Commerce Department watchdog also included a layover in Paris, partly funded by taxpayers.

Officials pledged to improve their response to the theft of some of the government's most sensitive data

Last month's assault on three staffers at the Canaan, Pa. federal prison demonstrate the risks in using regular prison staff as correctional officers.

Culture clashes between veterans and civilians who didn't serve are partly to blame for veterans' relatively short tenure in government

VA officials told auditors they don't know why hospitals are doing fewer investigations of preventable medical errors.

Federal employees are on track for a 1.3 percent pay raise in January, following a decision by President Obama to set that figure by default if Congress continues to follow its strategy of action by inaction on the raise.

The government is rolling out new digital tools like this to improve the public's notoriously frustrating experience dealing with federal agencies

Even the Department of Veterans Affairs, traditionally a draw for former troops, lost a little more than a quarter of its veterans within two years.

A memorial service was held Thursday for Idrissa Camara, a contract security officer at a federal building in New York, who was killed last week by a frustrated former federal employee who previously called the Federal Diary.

The debate over who should stay in public housing keeps heating up.

The federal program, which helps low-income teenagers train for jobs, is beset by violence, investigators say

The Democratic presidential hopeful says his constituents are receiving important mail later and later.

Plant closings are starting to have real effects; the mail is taking longer to get there

J. David Cox Sr. begins his second term as president of the American Federation of Government Employees by playing defense against Republican plans to cut federal benefits, the massive federal employee data breach and now efforts by otherwise allies to target union "official time."

Unions and immigrant advocates say the EB-5 immigrant investor program has unpublicized problems.

The government is checking thousands of federal employee e-mails to see what they were doing on the adultery site

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