Sen. Miller says he wants to work with Gov. Hogan on tax-relief proposals

(Linda Davidson / The Washington Post)

The Democratic leader said that since Hogan has compromised on the budget, he wants to return the favor.


How Boehner got a much-needed win on the budget

Unusual maneuver, with votes on six plans, gets a bill through the fractious House.


Senator introduces bill to limit Pr. George’s property tax increases

(James A. Parcell / For The Washington Post)

Sen. C. Anthony Muse’s bill proposes limiting county leader’s authority to override tax cap.


3 Americans on jet that crashed in Alps, Germanwings CEO says

(Guillaume Horcajuelo / EPA)

Experts sought clues to the crash from a damaged cockpit recorder recovered in the debris.

National Park Service delayed $11 billion in maintenance last year because of budget challenges

The mounting maintenance concerns come as the National Park Service prepares to celebrate its 100th year in August.

Here’s why lawmakers should not speak without notes

Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Tex.) gets his math wrong. Very wrong.

Here’s why Republican senators eyeing the White House face a treacherous week

‘Vote-o-rama’ could trip up presidential hopefuls hoping to appeal to both primary and general electorates.

G Fund’s return would drop to nearly zero under House plan

The most popular fund in the Thrift Savings Plan could become “virtually worthless” as an investment option under a proposal in the House budget, a spokeswoman says.


Republicans heading for whiplash on partisan budget, bipartisan health bill

(Molly Riley / AP)

But Speaker John Boehner has a chance to end the first legislative quarter on a surprisingly upbeat note.


Big changes to Md. governor’s budget win strong bipartisan House support

Senate approves restoration of full funding for education, alongside other significant changes.