Obama’s fishy claim on the House GOP tax plan

The president uses fuzzy math about the GOP’s still-vague tax plan.

Two charts that suggest use-it-or-lose-it federal spending is real

The idea is that Congress might trim funding for agencies that end a cycle with surpluses.


Alexandria postpones ribbon-cutting at firefighter-less fire station

The city had planned to inaugurate the new facility without a plan for staffing.

The varied and sometimes-unfair state of state taxes, in 13 maps and charts

A tour of the unfair, changing and still-recovering state tax systems.


Maryland General Assembly passes budget that widens split with Hogan

(Katherine Frey / The Washington Post)

Republican governor says he will withhold some money for schools and raises after his priorities aren’t met.


$15 million fire station opens in Alexandria without any firefighters

(Matt McClain / For The Washington Post)

Officials blamed the situation on tight budgets and community resistance to moving existing crews.

(Video) Michael Bolton’s ode to the unpopular IRS: ‘How are we supposed to live without you?’

Bolton took to the stage on HBO’s “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver,” defending the IRS in a parody that compares the agency to a critical but unflattering body part that expels waste.


D.C. Council raises alarms over Mayor Bowser’s budget

(Bill O'Leary / Washington Post)

Council members say the mayor is short-changing city priorities and using the budget to consolidate power.

Six examples of government waste from this year’s budget-hawk reports

Highlights from two reports identifying areas of perceived waste in the federal government, from buildings that melt in the rain to farm subsidies.


Hogan offers compromise on budget; won’t release some funds without deal

(Brian Witte / AP)

The impasse continues as the Maryland legislative session comes to a close Monday.