Md. panel approves O’Malley proposal for more than $200 million in budget cuts

(Jonathan Newton / The Washington Post)

The proposal by outgoing Gov. Martin O’Malley would cut into the shortfall he will leave to his successor.


Maryland Gov. O’Malley to propose $400 million in cuts

(Patrick Semansky / AP)

The outgoing governor will propose $400 million in cuts that would reduce a two-year shortfall by about a third.


Leggett, citing budget pressures, retreats on promise for affordable housing

(Jeffrey MacMillan / Jeffrey MacMillan)

The Montgomery county executive cited budget pressures in saying that funding will be tight.

California to break ground on $68 billion high-speed rail line

The $68 billion line will connect San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego and Sacramento -- if it can overcome serious funding obstacles.


State, local governments continue to spend more than they earn

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Maryland and Virginia wrestle with billions of dollars in shortfalls five years after the recession ended.


Maryland Gov.-elect Larry Hogan says state agencies should prepare for budget cuts

(Linda Davidson / The Washington Post)

With less revenue than expected, gov.-elect says the state needs to cut spending before it can cut taxes.

North Dakota will consider slashing income taxes to zero

The proposals will generate opposition from Democrats and even some Republicans, nervous that the falling price of oil will hurt state revenue.

Seattle confronts prospect of its own long-delayed Big Dig

(Elaine Thompson / ASSOCIATED PRESS)

The world’s largest tunnel-boring machine has been stuck underneath Seattle for more than a year.

Since 2000, states have enacted about 5 times as many tax hikes on tobacco as alcohol

While 45 states have implemented at least one tobacco tax hike, just three have implemented cuts.


Despite some conflicts, Va. lawmakers’ budget wrap-up will likely be a snoozer

(Bob Brown / AP)

Despite a budget gap and a brush with a shutdown, the state’s finances are largely safe from partisan battles.