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The budget and government shutdown

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Arizona’s schools superintendent wants $1 million from feds for teaching undocumented kids

“The possible influx of additional immigrants will put an added financial burden on our local school districts.“

Map: How much $100 is really worth in every state

The purchasing power of a Benjamin spans a $30 range across the nation.

Louisiana projects $1.2 billion budget shortfall

Louisiana will likely face another billion-dollar budget gap next year, which could bruise Gov. Bobby Jindal’s chances for the White House in 2016.

For the first time in four years, state tax revenues declined in the first quarter

Early data for the second quarter suggest that the declines continued.


McAuliffe announces $2.4 billion projected budget gap in Va.; blames defense cuts

(Bob Brown / AP)

The governor cited defense cuts due to sequestration, especially in Northern Va. and Hampton Roads.

Social Security clients hurt by staff, office-hour cuts

Staffing and office hour cuts lead to longer waits for service for Social Security recipients.

Postal Service reports $2 billion loss for third quarter

The agency also announced Monday that it will default for a fourth consecutive year on its $5.7 billion prefunding payment for retiree health benefits.

Lawmakers back IGs concerned about timely access to records

The heads of the House and Senate oversight committees issued a letter expressing “grave concerns” about agencies limiting access to records requested by inspectors general.

Postal Service to release third-quarter numbers Friday. Here’s how the agency has been trending.

The agency’s numbers have been negative for years, but they’ve trended in a positive direction for the past few quarters.

The United States is stuck on the ‘wrong track’

Polls show unhappiness approaching shutdown levels -- again.