District court dismisses Senator Johnson’s Obamacare lawsuit

A federal district court concluded that Senator Ron Johnson lacks standing to challenge the Administration’s rewrite of rules governing congressional health care plans.

Batting .500 on Obamacare suits, Democrats still suffer a loss

Obamacare will likely return to the Supreme Court.

Teeing up Obamacare again

Court cases revive Obamacare as central issue for the midterms.

4.7 million people could see higher premiums with the Halbig ruling on Obamacare

They live in these 36 states.

The potentially huge cost of today’s Obamacare decision

People in federal-run exchanges would face much, much higher premiums without federal subsidies.


D.C. Circuit Court ruling on Obamacare was wrong — but the 4th Circuit got it right

(KAREN BLEIER / AFP/Getty Images)

D.C. Circuit ruling on Obamacare was wrong — but the 4th Circuit got it right.

What today’s Obamacare ruling reveals about the GOP

Republicans celebrate the possibility that millions of Americans could lose their health insurance.


Federal undercover investigation signs up fake applicants for ACA coverage, subsidies

(Karen Bleier / AFP/Getty Images)

Despite false documents, federal subsidies, policies through HealthCare.gov were obtained.

Why the D.C. Circuit was wrong to eviscerate Obamacare

The essential reality is clear: Congress intended to create a near-universal health-care coverage system.