Is medical marijuana the answer to America’s prescription painkiller epidemic?

States allowing medical marijuana had lower overdose rates for painkillers, researchers find.

States with medical marijuana have 25 percent fewer prescription overdose deaths

States with medical marijuana had 1,729 fewer overdose deaths in 2010.

Pennsylvania’s Republican governor expands Medicaid

He becomes the 9th GOP governor joining the Obamacare coverage expansion.

Why a Southern Democrat in a close race is running an Obamacare spot

The move is a rare one for a southern politician in a tough reelection battle.

Morning Plum: GOP’s Obamacare repeal follies continue

Joni Ernst appears to support keeping Medicaid recipients on the program.


In Study, Questions About Who Should Perform In-Office Surgeries


America’s real ice bucket challenge

(Joe Ellis / AP)

The coming fiscal disaster has crept into the short-term.