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Implementing Obamacare

Obamacare, the biggest change in the nation’s health-care system in decades, is upon us.

With the health-insurance marketplaces scheduled to open for enrollment Oct. 1, millions of Americans, and officials at all levels of government, are trying to figure out what the sweeping Affordable Care Act means for them. On Jan. 1, the law goes into full effect.

Over the coming months and years, The Washington Post will follow the administration’s efforts to promote the legislation and examine the implementation of the law at the federal and state levels, as well as the continued political fight in Congress.

Check back regularly for the latest news on the health-care overhaul.

Only 36 percent of Democratic candidates have expressed support for Obamacare


One-quarter of Democrats have offered a more nuanced position, according to an exhaustive new study.


Insurers poised to cancel health plans that don’t comply with Affordable Care Act

The Obama administration allowed non-conforming plans to continue last year, but the reprieve is running out.

Pentagon to target its hospitals providing poor care following review

The Defense Department healthcare system performs well on the whole, but certain facilities do not, a review found.

HHS is kicking immigrants off Obamacare coverage without fair warning, complaints allege

Advocates say HHS didn’t provide warnings in enough languages that coverage would end today.


Switzerland rejects single-payer system, will keep its own version of Obamacare

It will keep its current system, which is viewed as a model for the world.

Switzerland rejects single-payer, will keep its own version of Obamacare

They’ll keep the current system, which is viewed as a model for the world.

Wonkbook: The latest Obamacare surprises

HHS may emphasize the individual-mandate penalties to boost sign-ups.


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