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Implementing Obamacare

Obamacare, the biggest change in the nation’s health-care system in decades, is upon us.

With the health-insurance marketplaces scheduled to open for enrollment Oct. 1, millions of Americans, and officials at all levels of government, are trying to figure out what the sweeping Affordable Care Act means for them. On Jan. 1, the law goes into full effect.

Over the coming months and years, The Washington Post will follow the administration’s efforts to promote the legislation and examine the implementation of the law at the federal and state levels, as well as the continued political fight in Congress.

Check back regularly for the latest news on the health-care overhaul.

Morning Plum: Hating Obama, loving Obamacare

Why the law is mostly fading as a political issue.


Ex-VA doctor: Phoenix report a ‘whitewash’

(Manuel Balce Ceneta / Associated Press)

A doctor who first exposed serious problems at the troubled Phoenix Veterans Affairs hospital said Wednesday that a report on patient deaths there is a “whitewash” that minimizes life-threatening conduct by senior leaders at the hospital.

What the new uninsured numbers don’t tell us about Obamacare

The health law is reducing the uninsured rate, but by how much?


Hospitals struggled during Sandy, report says

(Mark Lennihan, File / Associated Press)

When Superstorm Sandy slammed into the Northeast nearly two years ago, hospitals found themselves dealing with surges in patients, lost power supplies and employees who couldn’t get to work — problems that a new federal report finds they were not prepared to handle.

Issa finds time to tweet Constitution amid packed scandal-probe week

The California Republican is spending Wednesday tweeting the entire Constitution.


In one year, Obamacare goes from top congressional issue to barely mentioned

(Jon Elswick / AP)

The fight over the health-care law just isn’t what it used to be.


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