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Implementing Obamacare

Obamacare, the biggest change in the nation’s health-care system in decades, is upon us.

With the health-insurance marketplaces scheduled to open for enrollment Oct. 1, millions of Americans, and officials at all levels of government, are trying to figure out what the sweeping Affordable Care Act means for them. On Jan. 1, the law goes into full effect.

Over the coming months and years, The Washington Post will follow the administration’s efforts to promote the legislation and examine the implementation of the law at the federal and state levels, as well as the continued political fight in Congress.

Check back regularly for the latest news on the health-care overhaul.

States embracing Obamacare are doing a better job of covering the uninsured, surveys show

Coverage expansion is happening at different rates across the country, two new surveys indicate.

Morning Plum: On Obamacare, the conversation is changing

(Seth Perlman / AP)

Republicans now feel the need to say they support dramatically expanded coverage.

Remember the Obamacare ‘bailout?’ The administration has a plan to avoid that.

HHS has offered a plan to keep the controversial “risk corridors” program budget neutral.

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A victim of the right's war on Obamacare? via BBC


Defend ‘Obamacare’ unabashedly, some Democrats say

(J. Scott Applewhite, File / Associated Press)

With enrollments higher than expected, and costs lower, some Democrats say it’s time to stop hiding from the president’s health care overhaul, even in this year’s toughest Senate elections.


Obamacare’s victory lap

(Andrew Harrer / Bloomberg)

The facts are telling an increasingly positive story.

Hitting Mitch McConnell for opposing Kynect, not Obamacare

A Democrat tries a new approach on Obamacare in a red state.

The ‘repeal and replace’ follies

Attacking the monstrosity known as Obamacare is proving tougher than expected.


Young doctors still pulled to specialties

Despite nationwide efforts to encourage medical students to pursue primary-care specialties like pediatrics and internal medicine, most University of Maryland School of Medicine graduates are choosing other specialties.


Let HHS nominee Sylvia Burwell explain Obamacare lie

(Andrew Harrer / Bloomberg)

HHS nominee should explain Obamacare lie.


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