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How to win the 2012 social media election

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Barack Obama, Mitt Romney and others are fighting hard on social networks for 2012 votes, dollars and volunteers. Tell us what they’re doing that’s working well or falling flat – and what they should be doing to use social networks and technology effectively.

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Nancy Scola to write for The Switch

Scola to join The Post’s Financial team on June 30, 2014.


Scenes from Digital Capital Week and Tech Cocktail 2011

(Steven Overly / Capital Business)

The annual festival included nearly 200 events around the Washington area. “If you’re not absolutely exhausted and possibly sick by the end of this, then you didn’t do enough,” says D.C. Week co-creator Peter Corbett.

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Romney advisers, aiming to pop Obama’s digital balloon, pump up online campaign

(Evan Vucci / AP)

Romney’s advisers contend that they can outsmart their counterparts in a few important ways, including engaging supporters online more intensely than Obama’s campaign is mobilizing his.