Pennsylvania Republican Rep. Charlie Dent supports same-sex marriage

Charlie Dent’s announcement follows a judge’s ruling that overturned a ban in his state that he voted for.


Kevin McCarthy of Calif. selected majority leader, Steve Scalise of La. whip on busy day

(Alex Wong / Getty Images)

The choice of Kevin McCarthy to replace Eric Cantor isn’t a shocker, but Steve Scalise becoming whip brings drama.

GOP Rep. Charlie Dent congratulates same-sex couples in Pennsylvania

Rep. Charlie Dent is happy for same sex couples in his state who can now marry, and he’s on the brink of giving them his full blessing.

GOP congressman on gay marriage: ‘Life is too short’ to stand in its way

(J. Scott Applewhite / AP)

Rep. Charlie Dent (R-Pa.) makes his support for same-sex marriage official.


Time for an evolution in U.S. policy on Cuba

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The U.S. approach to the island nation is folly.


Beans spilled about quiet White House lunch between President Obama, Hillary Clinton

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An effort at a quiet White House meal is foiled when People magazine spills the beans.