Gillibrand, Speier on ‘corrosive’ military sexual abuse crisis

Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) voice support for legislation that would remove the responsibility for adjudicating sexual abuse cases in the military from the chain of command and place it instead in the hands of military prosecutors.

House moves to make destroying e-mails a quick way to delete that federal job of yours

New Federal Records Accountability Act of 2014 calls for tougher measures on employees who destroy documents.

Could Congress have changed the outcome of two high profile cases of military sexual assault? Maybe.

How Congressional action might have changed things.


Rep. Jackie Speier

Women told us about how their lives differed from their mothers', particularly in the professional space.

Vance McAllister skips votes for a second day

Louisiana lawmaker vows not to resign, but hasn’t shown up for votes as a colleague floats the idea of mandatory sexual harassment courses for lawmakers.


Pentagon not properly tracking ‘revolving door’ data, report says

(Charles Dharapak / AP)

IG’s report says the database, aimed at addressing conflicts of interest, is not being properly maintained.

Can ‘revenge porn’ send you to jail? It depends where you live.


Senate rejects further revamp of how Pentagon handles sex assault cases

Rejection comes on same day that Army confirmed that it placed its top sex-crimes prosecutor on leave.