Jeb Bush aims to boost Scott Brown in New Hampshire

(Hector Gabino / AP)

The former Florida governor tweeted a photo expressing his support.

A third of Republicans in Iowa, New Hampshire don’t like Christie

A new NBC/Marist poll shows some potential problems for the governor.

Why is Jeb Bush gaining momentum?

The former Florida governor has filled a vacuum.

Jeb Bush bashes traditional public schools (again)

And he does it, again, at the expense of traditional public schools.

Bush brother: George H.W. Bush wants Jeb to run

But Neil Bush also says his brother might not have the “burning desire to run.“


Some lethal injection problems in US executions

(Associated Press)

Since Texas became the first state to use lethal injection as its execution method on Dec. 7, 1982, some problems have been reported during the process nationwide. Those include delays in finding suitable veins, needles becoming clogged or disengaged, and reactions from inmates who appeared to be under stress. Some examples: