The people to watch in the shutdown showdown

(Joshua Roberts)

Who will be the main players as this next round of fighting over spending begins with a shutdown looming? Here’s a look at some key characters.

How did #5in5 candidates fare?

How did the House candidates in the 15 races we profiled this year match up on Tuesday night? Who's going back to Washington and who's going home?

An anti-super PAC super PAC had a good year

Friends of Democracy, formed to support candidates who favor limits on big money in politics, says that at least six of eight candidates that it supported won their races.

#5in5: OH-16: In this race, somebody’s going back to Washington and somebody’s going home

#5in5 | GOP and Democratic House incumbents square off in a genuine toss-up race in a redrawn district.

In Ohio, political TV ads air constantly

(AP / AP)

#5in5 | We visit Ohio to see the ads airing incessantly, and how they’re resonating (or not) with voters.

Romney not planning on watching Obama’s convention speech

The Republican presidential nominee says he is not planning to tune in Thursday night.

Is Mitt Romneys momentum real or fake?

THE FIX | There’s been a debate in the political class over this question.


Big money from super PACs hits House races

INFLUENCE INDUSTRY | Torrent of spending has big impact on tight races.