How many Democrats voted for the ‘Keep Your Health Plan Act?’

Republican proposal permits people to keep current health plans even if they don’t meet standards established by new law.

Democrats announce plan to protect vulnerable House members

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is beginning its campaign to defend vulnerable lawmakers in swing districts, releasing a list of 26 Democrats who will get party help with fundraising and campaign infrastructure in 2014.


Cuba sanctions make American banks wary, testing U.S. goal of improved ties

(Peter Zimmermann / Picture-Alliance/AP)

The decision by a New York bank to close Cuba’s checking account in the U.S. has presented an unusual diplomatic quandary that will test the newfound pragmatism in relations between the two longtime foes.

#5in5: David Rivera says he’s victim of ‘a partisan-motivated witch hunt’

Embattled lawmaker says he's ignoring news reports about investigations.


House approves Republican student loan bill

The plan would allow interest rates on federal student loans to fluctuate with the government’s cost of borrowing.

Rep. Mica defeats Rep. Adams in Florida; Rep. Stearns on verge of defeat

The House transportation committee chairman won't become the latest Republican to lose to a more conservative primary opponent.