Wait, John McCain and Lindsey Graham are at odds? Yes — on Iran and Iraq.

(J. Scott Applewhite / AP/File)

The two are often in lockstep. But not this time.

McCain, Graham call for captured Benghazi suspect to be held at Guantanamo

(J. Scott Applewhite / AP/File)

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Term limits will make things worse.

Did John McCain flip-flop on the Bergdahl deal?

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We assess whether Sen. John McCain shifted from a possible supporter to an opponent of the Taliban prisoner swap.

Sen. McCain calls for more U.S. support troops to combat the Islamic State

The Arizona Republican asked the administration to bolster weapons aid and airstrikes, while still limiting the U.S. role to a support capacity.

Campaign finance debate a partisan flashpoint as it moves to Senate floor

The longshot measure would provide elected officials with a legal authority to curb big money.

Pat Roberts: The ‘rest of the country’ counting on Kansas for Senate majority

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The Republican senator fights for his job.

McCain visits ‘most incredibly friendly’ Vietnam

Sen. John McCain begins codel in Asia with a visit to Hanoi.