Obama judicial pick faces questions on abortion, gay marriage, Confederate flag

The White House has stood by nomination of Michael Boggs despite opposition from some Democratic senators and rights groups.

Thad Cochran’s Senate friends are trying really hard to save him

Cochran’s office buddies have been donating -- a lot -- to his campaign.

Top White House lawyers to make pitch to senators for troubled judicial nominee

Meeting comes amid concerns about two of Obama’s picks to serve on federal courts.

Dereliction of duty: Sen. Johnny Isakson

Confirming a nominee as a personal favor


Ability to deliver still matters for Mississippi voters

Thad Cochran proved that voters in the South were willing to overlook his slowed-gait if he could still deliver.


VA Secretary Eric Shinseki needs to go

(Jonathan Ernst / Reuters)

The VA secretary has been too passive amid scandal.


Georgia nominee’s past stances on abortion, same-sex marriage imperil judgeship

The uproar over Georgia’s Michael Boggs illustrates the administration’s continuing problems on Capitol Hill.