After Jon Kyl, this is not intended to be a factual statement

Is that an excuse we can use?

Kyl says he couldn’t go along with ‘supercommittee’ defense cuts

A key member of a new bipartisan panel charged with cutting the deficit said he’d walk away from the group’s work if the process results in deeper cuts to the military.

Jon Kyl’s Eastern European vacation

Republican senators trek to Eastern Europe.

Jon Kyl inspires Stephen Colbert to tweet non-facts


Stephen Colbert’s crusade against Arizona Sen. Jon “Not Intended to Be a Factual Statement” Kyl continued last night on “The Colbert Report,” as he used Twitter to produce round-the-clock non-facts about Kyl using the hastag #NotIntendedToBe AFactualStatement.


Fewer lobbyists are passing through the revolving door from K Street to Capitol Hill

(Alex Brandon / AP)

With Capitol Hill’s rancor and tight budgets, fewer lobbyists are seeing much merit in working there.

Cantor, Kyl want more info from White House on debt ceiling

The no. 2 Republicans in the House and Senate are set to huddle with Vice President Biden on a deficit-reduction plan.