Joe Lieberman

Sen. Joe Lieberman on his opponent’s mistake in his 1970 campaign for Connecticut State Senate.

How to tell who’s faking it on foreign policy

Obama deceived a lot of people on foreign policy -- or they chose to ignore the warning signs -- in 2008.

Joe Lieberman's farewell from the Senate

The Connecticut senator departs after giving his colleagues some thoughts on foreign policy.


Joe Lieberman reflects on 24 years in the Senate

Days before he leaves the Senate chamber for the last time, Sen. Joe Lieberman (I - Conn.) recalls fond memories of Al Gore and some regrets from the 2008 election in an exit interview with Ed O’Keefe.


Senator Joe Lieberman on Syria: I'd give the rebels weapons

Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-C.T.) — a former Democratic vice presidential candidate and now a political independent — says the U.S. has “a moral responsibility and a strategic opportunity” to help Syrian rebels.


Joe Lieberman’s sad send-off

A lonely farewell for the Connecticut senator.


Losing Joe Lieberman’s moderation

Joe Lieberman backs term limits

Joe Lieberman has served in the Senate for 24 years. But the retiring senator now supports term limits, as well as eliminating the Electoral College


Senator Lieberman's case for the Sabbath

Sen. Joe Lieberman discusses why we need a day of rest.