Fourth quarter fundraising winners and losers

(Elise Amendola / AP)

Who came out on top in the fourth quarter? Who struggled? The Fix has the answers.

Mitt Romney and the ‘wimp’ factor


THE FIX | Is the former Massachusetts governor tough enough to be president?

Afternoon Fix: Huckabee says Perry ‘technically’ right about Social Security

The former Arkansas governor is no fan of Perry, but says the Texas governor’s assertion that Social Security amounts to a “Ponzi scheme” may actually be right.

Second quarter fundraising: Winners and losers

Second quarter fundraising reports were due Sunday for (nearly) all House and Senate candidates.

Second quarter fundraising: Winners and losers

The tax return fight and the cult of transparency

THE FIX | President Obama sees political hay to be made from Mitt Romney’s unwillingness to release more of his past tax returns.