Pentagon fast-food workers strike, call for higher wages

About 50 workers went on strike Wednesday, calling on President Obama for ‘a living wage.’


Lawmakers ask Obama for religious diversity summit

Nearly 40 members of the U.S. House, among them Buddhists, Hindus, Jews and Muslims, sent a letter to President Obama on Wednesday (July 17) urging him to convene a “Religious Diversity Summit” and do more to fight discrimination against religious minorities.

Keith Ellison: In defense of Muslim Americans

You're emotionally dead if you feel nothing, not even a pang of empathy....


Meet some members of the House apocalypse caucus

(Carlos Osorio / AP)

On Capitol Hill, they are the apocalypse caucus. Twenty lawmakers, from both parties, who calculate that the best way to fix government is to act as if you wouldn’t mind if it burned down.

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There are 16 candidates running to replace Rep. Henry Waxman today. 16!

Hello circus!

Occupy D.C.’s newest hunger striker: Congressman Keith Ellison

A week after three Occupy D.C. protesters began a hunger strike for District of Columbia voting rights in Congress, Rep. Keith Ellison has joined their ranks.


Rep. King’s hearings on radicalization among U.S. Muslims

(Linda Davidson / THE WASHINGTON POST)

Rep. Peter T. King (R-N.Y.), who chairs the House Committee on Homeland Security, is holding controversial hearings that he says will assess the threat of terrorism among American Muslims.

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