Democratic special election streak headed for an end?

Democrats appear set to lose a special election in Nevada.

Congressional discourse getting dumber, study says

2CHAMBERS | Congress collectively speaks at almost a full grade-level lower than it did seven years ago, a new study finds.


Obama’s top speechwriter has his eyes on the White House exit signs

(Brendan Hoffman / GETTY IMAGES)

Speechwriter Jon Favreau, who helped craft many Obama addresses, is considering his next career move.

Fix prediction contest: NV-02 and NY-09 special elections!

Voters are voting in Nevada and New York today, and that means it’s time for another Fix prediction contest.

Sharron Angle not running in ‘illegitimate’ special election

(Julie Jacobson / AP)

Former Senate candidate Sharron Angle (R) will not run in the special election for a Nevada House seat later this year, she announced on Wednesday.

Paul Ryan’s budget: Democrats’ ace in the hole?

Deemocrats may be as excited as Republicans about Romney’s VP pick, given their strategic focus on attacking Paul Ryan’s budget.

Why the debate over Paul Ryan’s budget and Medicare could be as risky for Democrats as for the GOP

The GOP has a counter-argument if Democrats say the plan would “end Medicare as we know it.”