The Morning Plum: What if the GOP stance on Obamacare proves a liability, too?

That’s not possible, because Obamacare’s doom is already sealed.


Environmentalists play key role in 2012 races

(Craig Fritz / AP)

For the first time in years, green community flexes its political muscle.

Tech firms: We don’t want to keep Internet metadata for the government

The tech firms are urging the White House and Congress to ban the bulk collection of Internet communications.

Democratic Senate candidates push DREAM Act for the platfom

Three Democratic Senate candidates push for its inclusion.


Obama calls for significant changes in collection of phone records of U.S. citizens

President ends eavesdropping on friendly foreign governments, changes system of data collection.

The Switchboard: Legislators skeptical about self-driving car safety

Senators argue phone record surveillance is useless, and Obama wants to rethink government’s approach to IT.


Dozens of lawmakers declining their pay during government shutdown

(Mark Duncan / AP)

Dozens of members of both parties and chambers say they’ll donate to pay the debt, or to charity.