Michelle Obama graces (another) magazine cover

The November issue is dedicated to helping female veterans find jobs.

An Obama is hitting the campaign trail hard this week. (Not that one)

(Not that one)

Obama observes Sept. 11 anniversary at the Pentagon

Obama said that the nation endures “because as Americans we do not give into fear. Ever.”

Michelle Obama to campaign for Bruce Braley in Iowa

The first lady will head to the Hawkeye State next month.

Michelle Obama debuts a remix of ‘Turn Down for What?’ And it’s vegetable inspired.

“Turnip for What?“

Obama quips that there’s crack in the White House pie. There was quite a reaction.

“There is no crack in our pies,” Michelle Obama responded.

The cognitive origins of Michelle Obama’s “Bruce Braley” gaffe

WONKBLOG | Why did the first lady flub the Senate candidate’s name several times? Blame spoonerisms.

This Post article from 1929 might explain Michelle Obama’s love of Spanx #TBT

Women’s taste in undergarments haven’t changed all that much since then.