Obama: I ‘lose my mind’ around chips and guacamole

Meanwhile, the first lady is trying to cut back on french fries.

Obama tries to connect with ordinary Americans — through junk food

Burgers, pizza, fries and beer -- just like a regular guy!

What President Obama gets wrong about ‘acting white’

President Obama often brings up the idea that black students face an “acting white” stigma. But, it’s much more complicated than he allows.

Michelle Obama: ‘Did you know that African-American slaves helped to build’ the White House?

Her 2009 comments come to mind as we think about acknowledging the contributions made by slaves.

Michelle Obama: ‘Write a big, fat check’

The first lady told donors at a DNC event in Chicago to give as much money as possible.

This isn’t the first time Michelle Obama has asked Democrats for their biggest, fattest checks.

(Win McNamee / Getty Images)

Based on the Democratic Party’s coffers, it appears to be working too.

Obama quips that there’s crack in the White House pie. There was quite a reaction.

“There is no crack in our pies,” Michelle Obama responded.


First ladies urge African leaders to improve education for women

First lady Michelle Obama and former first lady Laura Bush urged leaders from African nations to value education for female students at the US-Africa Leaders Summit.

Obama goes there on ‘acting white’

It’s an insult meant to stunt the viewpoints and ambitions of their victims.