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Former Massachussetts governor Mitt Romney launched his 2012 presidential bid by casting himself as the candidate most capable of solving America’s economic problems. Romney’s financial expertise gave him unique value to Republicans following his failed 2008 presidential bid as government bailouts, spending and deficits overshadowed social issues like abortion rights and gay marriage.

But it’s unclear whether Romney can broaden his appeal and capture the enthusiasm of the surging, anti-establishment tea-party activists as he runs again in 2012.

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Romney was right — and wrong — in Jerusalem

(Charles Dharapak / AP)

The candidate’s controversial remarks require more than simplistic analysis.

Stop trying to make Mitt Romney’s foreign policy acumen happen. It isn’t going to happen.

Sure, it’s the summer, talk about Mitt Romney 2016. Just don’t talk about his foreign policy foresight.

That time a guy ran into Mitt Romney in a Utah parking lot

“We knew we would see some cool stuff while visiting Utah, but a wild Mitt spotting could not have been anticipated.“

How Mitt Romney spent his summer vacation

What we learned from Romney’s post on Medium.

Tennessee man charged with threatening to kill Obama, Romney

Jimmie Randall Johnson Jr. is slated to appear in court this week.

Senate GOP campaign chairman predicts ‘fake threat’ of impeachment won’t hurt Republicans


Sen. Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) says Democrats are driving the impeachment chatter.

Ryan will wait until 2015 to decide on presidential run

The former vice presidential candidate said he is currently “focusing on policy,” rather than his own political ambitions.

It’s official: Americans say Mitt Romney was pretty much right about Russia

A poll shows Americans now see Russia as the biggest threat to the United States.


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