The Switchboard: What it’s like to be a Comcast customer service rep

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Your morning helping of hand-picked stories from The Switch team.

Democrats unveil legislation forcing the FCC to ban Internet fast lanes

The proposal is evidence of net neutrality’s growing partisan stakes in Congress.

Who’s behind the last-minute push to thwart patent reform?

Inside the surprising breakdown of a crucial bill.


White House, senators near deal on surveillance reform

(Patrick Semansky / AP)

Compromise bill would end NSA collection of Americans’ phone records.

Are we getting fooled on surveillance reform? The ACLU responds

Civil libertarians should support Sen. Leahy’s USA Freedom Act -- it makes huge improvements to the surveillance status quo.


Senate moving fast on an ambassador to Russia

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No ambassador to Russia? Lawmakers agree that’s not a good idea right now.

Republicans used to unanimously back the Voting Rights Act. Not any more.

What changed?