Republicans want to make Iraq a winning issue in 2016 — and it just might work

Dissatisfaction with Obama's performance has given Republicans an opening.

Do religious leaders really focus on homosexuality and abortion more than poverty? Not exactly

Here's what the data shows on what issues clergy speak about most.

Six in 10 whites now say race relations are bad

These are the worst ratings on race relations in over two decades.



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Gay marriage’s road to popularity, in 5 charts

From 11 percent support in 1988 to a majority 25 years later.

Poll: Gay-marriage support at record high

A Washington Post-ABC News survey finds 61 percent of Americans approve of same-sex nuptials.

Cubans love the pope and the Catholic Church, but they’re just not that into religion

Survey finds a surprisingly low level of Catholic identity.

Do Cubans like the Castros?

A rare survey tests the popularity of Cuba's current and former leaders.

Cuban millennials restless for opportunity at home or abroad

Most expect economic change at home, but also hope to leave the country.

Poll shows vast majority of Cubans welcome closer ties with U.S.

A rare public survey shows unhappiness with the country’s system, and many want to leave.

Surveying Cubans under the Castro government

How the poll was carried out, and confidentiality assured, without official authorization.

Millennials are just about as racist as their parents

Surprising research shows that the Millennial generation shares many of the biases Baby Boomers did

Poll: Bush now tops GOP field; Clinton runs ahead of all Republicans

A new survey finds that all candidates have image problems as they begin to court voters.

Poll: Clear majority supports nuclear deal with Iran

According to a new Post-ABC poll, 59 percent of Americans support a deal but they aren’t confident it will prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

Bush and Rubio might swing Florida for the GOP. It probably wouldn’t matter, though.

Home state swings are real, but the idea of swinging presidencies is more fantasy

How did Israel’s pollsters miss Netanyahu’s reelection?

Likud's comfortable win wasn't expected.

House GOP budget: Republicans’ Medicaid cuts aren’t a good way to woo the middle class

Republicans are courting middle-class voters. Their new budget won't help much.

Americans’ growing support for free speech doesn’t include racist speech

Gauging where the public stands on Oklahoma students' expulsion will be difficult

The Clinton e-mail controversy hasn’t hurt her approval ratings. At least not yet.

Just 17 percent were following story "very closely."

Americans continue to pray even as religious practices wither, survey finds

But millennials’ looser ties to religious groups mean this trend could change.

Millennials like to spank their kids just as much as their parents did

Two groups stand out for opposition

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