Post poll: Steroids should bar baseball Hall of Fame eligibility

Poll Questions

Q: In general, would you describe yourself as an avid sports fan, a regular fan, a casual fan or not a fan at all?

Q: When you see or hear about a professional athlete playing at a high level or breaking a record in their sport, how often, if at all do you wonder whether he or she is using steroids or other performance enhancing drugs...?

Q: How much, if at all, does the use of steroids and other performance enhancing drugs by professional athletes bother you:– a lot, some, not much or not at all?

Q: Thinking specifically about Major League Baseball do you think the use of steroids & other performance-enhancing drugs by pro baseball players is a problem or not? Is it a widespread problem or a problem but not widespread?

Q: Do you think such athletes...should or should not be eligible for membership in the baseball Hall of Fame?

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Q: From what you have heard or read, do you think Lance Armstrong should or should not get credit for his career cycling accomplishments?

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