Why House Republicans may thwart a fiscal cliff' deal

THE FIX | Many House Republicans could be harder to convince today than they were before the election.


Turning Congress’s partisans into problem solvers


A new approach to fighting partisan politics.

The Morning Plum: Dems to use minimum wage against GOP in 2014

Democrats are convinced that the minimum wage fight will play directly to voter perceptions of which party is really on the side of economically struggling Americans.

More than 100 lawmakers ask Obama to seek congressional approval on Syria strikes

List of lawmakers includes dozens of Republicans and several Democrats.

Obama meeting with House Republicans focuses on entitlement reform

Obama deems meeting with House Republicans 'useful'

House GOP previews fall ad strategy

The National Republican Congressional Committee has reserved $18 million worth of ad space in 17 media markets spanning 25 competitive districts — one of the first windows into which districts the committee plans to pursue and defend this year.