Cleveland’s winning bid to host the GOP convention highlights Portman’s influence

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Cleveland’s selection is a nod to Ohio’s pivotal place in the party’s strategy and the senator’s influence.

The nightmare scenario for Republicans on gay marriage

Ted Cruz versus Rob Portman in 2016!


Some evangelicals in Republican Party are feeling left out, see no standard-bearer

(Matthew Staver / For The Washington Post)

Social conservatives say few GOP leaders are channeling their sense of angst over the country’s direction.

Yes, the 2016 Republican nominee could support gay marriage

The odds would be stacked against Rob Portman, but it’s not impossible.

As U.S. firms flee to Europe, can Washington get its act together on tax reform?

(Michael Bonfigli / The Christian Science Monitor)

No. Probably not.

Republican Rep. David Jolly (Fla.) announces support for gay marriage

He’s the eighth current congressional Republican to support gay marriage.

How Portman put himself in a corner

Sen. Rob Portman blew his chance to get his amendment and vote yes on the Gang of 8 plan.