Richard Hudson wins GOP nod to face Kissell

Former congressional aide Richard Hudson won the Republican primary runoff to face Rep. Larry Kissell (D-N.C.) on Tuesday, overcoming a conservative outsider candidate who was backed by the Club for Growth.


Target’s chief information officer is stepping down in wake of data breach

The resignation is the first high-level departure since the December theft that hit up to 110 million customers.


Organizing for Action ads pressure GOP lawmakers on gun-buyer background checks

Organizing for Action ads target 13 Republican lawmakers on background check issue.

Why one Republican legislator is dropping out of Congress’ health plan

Rep. Robert Pittenger won't participate in Congressional health plan when it moves to an Obamacare marketplace. But he will help constituents get signed up.

10 ways members gave back after the government shutdown

So much data, so many interesting anecdotes. Here are a few.

Religious liberty takes center stage in diplomacy with Iran

President Rouhani must show the world that his nation can respect the religious liberty of its own people if we are to trust that his nation is changing.