How Congress has changed since last major war authorization debate, by the numbers

We break it down by the numbers.

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Boehner backs arming moderate Syrian rebels, Nevada passes Tesla tax break, Kansas court to hear Dem challenge, Sarah Palin demands to know whether you know who she is.

Rand and Ron Paul’s family business


Rand Paul relies on his father’s team as he tries to expand his base of support and donors.


Chick-fil-A rules the roost, even 6 days a week

Customer loyalty helps the restaurant surpass KFC as the United States’ top-selling fast-food chicken chain.

New Hampshire wins the award for best-named primary candidate

‘human’ -- formerly known as David Montenegro -- is challenging an incumbent state representative.


Shifting his views, Rand Paul seeks broader appeal — but may risk his outsider image

(Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images)

The senator from Kentucky is seeking to broaden his appeal, but doing so could hurt his outsider image.

Ron Paul touts Rand as a presidential ‘frontrunner’

(Robert F. Bukaty / AP)

Ron Paul says his son’s ascendance is a victory for his political movement.


The surprising ways Chick-fil-A’s founder made the chain an American empire

Founder S. Truett Cathy was an unlikely leader for one of America’s most successful fast-food chains: a poor-Southern-Baptist-turned-billionaire and fried-chicken magnate who proudly mixed his Christian faith with the company’s brand.