Cruz knocks Dole, McCain, Romney, praises Ron Paul

He praised the trio as “good men” but said conservatives lose when they don’t stand by their principles.

Edward Snowden apparently a Ron Paul supporter

Campaign finance records show an "Edward Snowden" who appears to be the leaker contributed $250 to Paul's presidential campaign twice in 2012.


Ron Paul - Who will lead?

Campaign advertisement for Ron Paul 2012.

Ron Paul endorses Mark Sanford

"Mark Sanford has always been a strong ally of the Liberty Movement. Help him get to Congress. Donate today!" Paul wrote in a fundraising appeal for Sanford.

The Pauls: Rand is still in Ron's shadow

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) couldn't repudiate the Southern Avenger, so how's he going to handle his father?


Soldier throws his support behind Ron Paul

At the Iowa caucus, Ron Paul introduces a soldier to speak in front of Paul's supporters.

MSNBC’s Wagner brawls with Ron Paul

Former Texas rep accuses MSNBC host of a character attack.


Iowa state senator allegedly sought payments to back Ron Paul in 2012

(Cheryl Senter / AP)

E-mails indicate Sorenson wanted $8,000 a month to switch support from Bachmann.