Cruz, Lee introduce ‘State Marriage Defense Act’

The bill would bring back many provisions invalidated by the overturn of DOMA last year.


Race on same-sex marriage cases runs through Virginia

(Steve Helber / AP)

Lawyers are hopeful commonwealth cases will emerge as favored vehicles for a decision by the Supreme Court.


A ‘veto’ attorneys general shouldn’t wield

(Steve Helber / AP)

Attorneys general can’t pick and choose which laws to defend.

Loving Virginia’s move on gay marriage

The last time Virginia was at the center of a debate on marriage, it lost on the law and on the judgment of history.

LGBT split-screen: Oklahoma and Nigeria

Great news out of the United States was tempered by harrowing events in Africa.

Marco Rubio, marriage and LGBT families

(J. Scott Applewhite / AP)

In his poverty speech, his comments on marriage were notable for what he didn’t say.

Justice Dept. makes the right decision on same-sex marriage in Utah

The DOJ decision comes days after Gov. Gary Herbert declared these unions would not be recognized at the state level.

No Schock in gay gossip

Until someone comes forward with proof that Schock is gay, we’re just talking among ourselves.

Gay marriage on hold in Utah is not a bad thing

What today’s Supreme Court action does is guarantee that more lawsuits will be filed to get the justices to do what they opted not to do last June.

Navy adds Japan to overseas assignments for gay couples

U.S. and Japanese officials have agreed that the status of forces agreement between those two countries allows the change.