Senators conclude all-night climate change talkathon

Democrats spend about 15 hours talking about the issue, but not actually debating any legislation.

What the Senate’s all-nighter on climate change is really about

Hint: It involves campaign cash.

READ IN: Don’t Panic Edition

More blows to the Secret Service, Jerry Brown signs plastic bag ban, House Dems and Senate GOP running most ads, and the front-runners for 2016 DSCC and NRSC jobs.

Why did the IRS provide a trove of taxpayer information to the FBI?

A top Justice Department official testified about how the FBI ended up with an IRS database containing private taxpayer information. Find out what he said.


Biden again goes off-message in talking about raising the gasoline tax

The vice president isn’t toeing the White House line in talking about a gasoline tax increase.


Kerry to host conference on overfishing, pollution and other threats to oceans


Secretary of State John Kerry will host a meeting to urge action on “dead zones” and other threats.

Senate easily confirms Penny Pritzker as Commerce Secretary

Pritzker replaces John Bryson, who stepped down in June 2012, after being involved in a two car accidents apparently due to seizures.